Monday, May 7, 2012

The advantages of using virtualization cloud

The solution needed of data security is growing rapidly. Data security both personal and business is a priority for many cyber criminals. Increasing number of cyber that threaten the digital data so the more companies that make the data protection software. To protect your data from malware or other threats you can use the application of data protection provided by the cloud virtualization system. Cloud virtualization is a simplified form of cloud computing. Virtualization is an emerging IT that separates computing paradigm and technology functions implementations from physical hardware. There are several advantages using virtualization cloud: (1) Cost Reduction of Hardware Investment. Hardware investments can push lower due to virtualization only utilizes existing capacity. (2) Ease of Backup & Recovery. Servers that run inside a virtual machine can be stored in a image that contains all the system configuration. If the current server crashes, we do not need to install and reconfigure. You only take a copy of a saved image, restore data from last backup and the server is running as usual. Save time, effort and resources. (3) Ease of Deployment. Virtual servers can be cloned as many as possible and can be run on another machine with a little configuration change. (4) Reduce the Cost of Space. The fewer number of servers means the less space to store the device. (5) Ease of Maintenance & Management. Fewer number of servers will automatically reduce the time and cost to manage. (6) Virtualization hardware emulation and encapsulation so that the process of introduction and removal of a specific hardware specification is not a problem. (7) The process of replacement and upgrade server specification is easier to do. If the central server is overloaded and the specification is not sufficient anymore, we can easily upgrade or move the virtual machine specification into a more powerful server.

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