Friday, August 12, 2011

A Review on Green Screen Technology

Green screen technology is widely used in television studios or film making sets. It is an advanced form of technique in which the background of the subject is replaced by any other image. It is used by amateur as well as professional photographers for shoots in magazines, films, newspapers and on the Internet. This kind of photography can also be used at home. You need a high quality camera, proper lighting as well as a green background. With all these equipments, you can make your boundless imagination to turn into a reality.


There are many uses of the green screen technology. It is used by the photographers in film making. You can make your actor act out a scene against the green screen background. Then you can replace the background screen by any other footage. In this way, a photographer can make his actor climb the mountains, fly high in the skies or falling from a tall building and meeting a tragic end. Anchors are also placed in front of a green color background screen and read out weather forecasts or other news stories to the audience. You can use this form of picture making in advertisement field for advertising a product with your subject. One can also create portrait photography with the advanced technology.

Equipments used in this technology: