Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sony Ericsson W995 Mobile Technology Review

Sony Ericsson has always been known for its technological advances in media and mobile technology. The release of the new Sony W995 proves that they are still a cut above when it comes to providing a stylish, functional and sturdy handset which is now included in mobile phone deals all over the country. The phone is well designed, lightweight and easy to use with a sliding keyboard which allows for easier typing of emails and work on any writing applications.

The keys are spaced well and slightly raised which allows for more definition and less mistakes while making typing quick and more efficient. The screen is larger than normal with a width of 2.6 inches which makes it better for viewing video, web pages and pictures. The clarity and sharpness of the picture is outstanding and with a 256k color palette, the display is brilliant for all types of viewable media. Mobile phone deals often advertise this phone for its music and media capabilities though, as well as these amazing features, the Sony W995 also sports a wide range of different features and applications which make is a multipurpose and very varied phone. The 8.1 mega pixel camera is able to take video as well as still photos and comes with auto focus, facial recognition and flash facilities as well as phone editing software included on the phone handset itself.

The Sony Ericsson W995 is a Smartphone and so it comes with all the regular applications which are available such as fast and secure internet activity with a high speed 3G HSDPA connection, this allows for easy web page downloading and viewing with no lag or delay problems which can normally occur on slower connections. The GPS and WIFI features all for people to find locations, directions and routes quickly and easily from wherever they are. Of course the musical features are the most talked about and the most advertised qualities that the Sony Ericsson W995 contains as the walkman range of phones is very popular with many people. The phone has an 8mb memory bank which can hold thousands of music tracks and as well as just being able to listen to music, the applications included are new and highly attractive to music lovers.

The SensMe, MediaGo and shake control are only a few off the wonderful new programs that are included in this mobile phone deal and, along with its stunning looks and advanced functionality, the Sony Ericsson goes above and beyond the normal requirements of a regular phone or walkman alike to make a brilliant tool for all people to use wherever they are.

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