Tuesday, November 1, 2011

WowWe Review - Video Technology's New Wave Of The Future In Network Marketing

This is a review article on iWowWe, the newest income opportunity that embraces video technology and change in the work from home industry.

WowWe was founded by Bill Starkey in 2007 and established its presence in the exploding world of innovative video technology.

It was originally developed for the corporate world for big industry and the U.S. Government, but its owner saw the raw power and potential to have an impact on everyone's lives and released it to the public and the network marketing industry in May of 2011.

This is not the first company to develop video technology in the form of video email and video conferencing and not the first company to offer its services to the public or the network marketing industry as there are at least a dozen others in this market of which only a few have opened up their doors to allow others to earn income promoting their services.

What makes WowWe so different and so special is their unbeatable pricing, their in-house innovative proprietary technology development, their compensation plan and their customer support.

While others may offer similar services, they are finding it hard to compete with WowWe's world-class services that offer more for less and even harder to compete with WowWe's research and development and financial backing of some of the largest corporations in the world.

They are a global company that offers their services to almost every country in the world and has an already establishing massive global appeal.

WowWe has reshaped the industry compensation plan structure to make it easy for anyone to come on board as an affiliate and start earning income, with much less effort than traditional home based businesses.

As with any young company there is plenty of room to grow and expand and WowWe is positioned and poised to make huge waves in this industry and has even been labeled the next big paradigm shift since Google and Facebook.

With troubling economic times and an increase in people searching for alternative income sources, they have kept that in mind and wanted to make an impact in people lives and businesses by keeping cost to a bare minimum and actually rewarding people who use their services and recommend them.

WowWe is also doing their part in the world by having no tangible products and an almost invisible carbon footprint while offering services that are in demand and cater to the masses and will be for years and years to come.

If you are considering a work from home opportunity and haven't found the right one yet.

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