Monday, October 17, 2011

3DTV Technology Review

3DTV Technology

Have you heard about the latest technology for 2010? Are you ready for it? The answer is 3DTV or three-dimensional television viewing in your home. This new technology is beginning to appear on the market and may be coming to a living room near you or maybe even your own. The top manufactures are now releasing the new 3D televisions to the public in 2010.

You probably know a little about 3D viewing. Some of us remember in the late 50's seeing movie films which required special glasses that you put on and the film took on a different look. It was very exciting as the action seemed to be coming towards you. Even with the film Avatar, that won a couple of Oscars in 2010, you need special glasses which were included in the admission price at the movie theater. So if you saw the movie you have already had a taste of the 3D movie experience.